Thursday, July 12, 2007

Canterbury awaits Le Tour

Taking a break from the Hebridean holiday blogging I report on that which would not be permitted up there. The first Sunday in July we visited our family in Canterbury and with them saw the first full stage of The Tour de France as it approached the final kilometer of the stage.Katy, Sahara, Elizabeth and Zac are in the midday sun by the roadside.
About three hours before the cyclists were due to arrive we had secured a good position by the side of RheimsWay in Canterbury. We would see the riders come up this slight incline. Nte the lady partially shown on the right. Her's was the hand to spoil my day somewhat.
We would then see thew riders negotiate this roundabout and head for the finish. the blue arch behind the advertising sign denotes the one kilometer mark to the finishing line. You can see we are just outside the city walls.
The family waits behind the barriers which came off French lorries the night before. The Tour is a huge operation. Many vehicles passed before the pre-race advertising parade arrived.
Our police precede the advertising parade which is the part you never see on T.V.. lots of floats and festooned vehicles with pretty girls throwing freebies into the crowds.

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