Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hill towns in Istria

Inland Istria has beautiful hill towns.

Motovun (Italian: Montona d'Istria)is situated on a hill 270 meters above sea level. Motovun is probably the most beautiful medieval town in Istria, with houses scattered all over the hill. On the slopes of the hill, grapes for famous Istrian wines are grown. The river Mirna flows below the hill and on the other side of the river there is the famous Motovun forest, rich with truffles.
Motovun was the birthplace of legendary race car driver Mario Andretti. His family, like many other Italian Istrians, fled in 1948

which is Buie (Italian: Buie d'Istria) is a picturesque town situated in Istria, Croatia's westernmost peninsula, population 2,979 (2001).Buje was known as the "spy of Istria" for its hilltop site located 10 km inland from the Adriatic sea. It still commands an excellent panorama. Buje has a rich history; traces of life in the region date back to prehistoric times. The town developed from a Roman and Slavic settlement into a medieval town, and today it is a modern regional center. Despite its development Buje has retained many features typical of various historical periods. With its narrow streets and a central square, the old town is a fine example of medieval architecture with strong Venetian influences.A baroque church from the 16th century, built on the foundations of a Roman temple dominates the square. The old city was protected with stone fortifications, part of which have been preserved to modern times. Being situated on a hill, the old town offers exquisit views on the surrounding scenery, dominated by mediterranean vegetation, vineyards and olive groves.Outside of the old town a modern city has sprung. After World War II Buje developed into an industrial, cultural and economic center of the region. It is the city in Istria that still has the highest number of Italian citizens (around 30% of the population).(Wikipedia)

Momjan is a beautiful hilltop town where we found our best food of the holiday, cooked on a open grill before you.

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