Friday, May 04, 2007

Baredine caves

Jama Baredine means translated Cave on the fallow land. The word Jama means in Croatian (in contrast to the Slovenian usage) shaft cave, that is a cave, which partially leads down vertically. Nowadays the visitor can climb down 221 steps into a depth of 60 meters without any danger and covers about 150 m of an easy passageway, which lasts about an hour. Thanks to the skillfully chosen electrical lighting he can admire the partially exceptional splendid, varied and enormous calcite formations
You also can see large frogs.
In 1926 a group of cavers from Triest found its way for the first time down to a depth of 80 meters.It was 1974 when the cave was explored and surveyed again by a group of young cavers from Porec under the direction of the present owner and cave guide Silvio Legovic to the full extension of 116 m of depth. (The group was organized as speleo club Proteus two years later.)The development for a show cave began in 1994 and finished in 1996.Since that the cave has a constantly increasing number of visitors and offers to them an insight into the world of caves and Karst.
We arrive at the entrance hall with dimensions of 6 x 15 meters and the first enlargement of the way. The ceiling is here about 10 meter high and first deposits of stalagmites can be seen, which, as in many other places of the cave, attract attention through their red color. Their origin lies in the infiltration of red earth (Terra Rossa) which is typically for the surface of this region.

We continue to go down the boulder slope, the original cave floor is a lot more deeper., material from outside has filled up the entrance part very much.
Then we pass through some draperies. The ceiling lowers and we arrive at the Red Hall. The calcite formations of the cave become more and more beautiful. Specialties are completely white crystals, which show up at different places. At the left-hand wall in half height they form a whole line.
At the bottom of the Red Hall we stand in front of a huge boulder of about 40 m³, which fell from the ceiling a long, long time ago. The ceiling is about 25 meters above the floor at this place. You can also see there for the first time the original cave floor. The walls are completely covered by calcite. At the left-hand wall it has the form of cauliflower. It’s interesting that the stalagmites and stalactites shine through, when you hold a light behind them.

Soon the ceiling lowers down up to 1,70 meters in places. We are now in a real wood of calcite formations. Stalactites which hang from the ceiling and stalagmites which grow upwards from the floor are there in all forms and sizes. The thin from the ceiling hanging straws have given this chamber the name "spaghetti chamber".
The way passes by a beautiful, startling calcite pillar. Directly beside the way we can marvel at formations in 3 colors: red ones, snow white ones and almost black formations grow there side by side.

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