Thursday, February 22, 2007

SORs and Cameron

I have emailed on Cameron's blog.
"I joined your party in 1986 to fight against the loony Labour promotion of the social acceptability homosexuality in the London Borough of Ealing under the then 'chair' of education, Hilary Benn. From 1990 to 98 I represented your party as an Ealing councillor. I left the party when London members were given the choice of a serial adulterer or a homosexual as London mayoral candidate following the Archer debacle. Your proposed support for SORs will gain you the homosexualist vote but you will lose many Christian votes. If you have not the principle to oppose SORs you might at least have the pragmatism to do so. If you support SORs my vote will be lost at the next general election."

Unless Cameron changes track he will be confirmed as Blair's great achievement. He will not be the leader of a conservative party but of the Conservative's New Labour Tribute band.

BTW homosexualist is an approver of homosexual genital acts. It does not imply any sexual orientation, only moral orientation. I never use the word gay with reference to homosexuality. To use it is to accept their language.

Do visit the link and vote for Cameron to attend to the matter of SORs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christanity is a dying relgion anyway. I dont think he will care that much.

12:14 pm  
Blogger Graham Weeks said...

Well Anon, there you go showing your ignorance. Vital Christianity grows all over the world. The dying kind is the liberal variety which denies the supernatural and accepts homsexual acts as not being sinful.

12:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well all over the world maybe, especially in the southern US,but i dont see it in the UK. As the rest of the world doesnt get to vote i dont think it will be an issue. All i see in the uk is half empty churches with ageing congregations.

5:05 pm  
Blogger Graham Weeks said...

You may not see it in the UK unless you visit evangelical,charismatic, black or RC churches all of which are growing. Worldwide there is huge growth in Africa, South America, South Korea, China etc. ,

11:35 pm  

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