Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The myth persiats

In today's Times I read,
"I wasn’t aware till recently that exactly 200 years ago, on May 1, 1807, the slave trade was banned in Britain. Or that, within eight years, the British Government was pursuing what the historian of the slave trade, Hugh Thomas, has described as “one of the most moral foreign policies in British history”. This partly consisted of coercing other nations, who still retained their enthusiasm for kidnapping black people and treating them as property, into desisting." - David Aaronovitch

As I posted before on this, it was a trade. Whites rarely had to kidnap blacks. They bought them from blacks who had enslaved fellow blacks. The enthusiastic kidnappers were black. I point this out for reasons of historical accuracy, not to limit white guilt. Whites should have known better. The Africans were still in the dark as to a Christian moral base.

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