Monday, February 19, 2007

Big Brother

Today I learned from my wife that when our bathroom is renovated we must install an extractor fan and a light pull in place of the wall switch. Big Brother is watching me in the bathroom now!It was bad enough when we had our chimney breasts removed and the builder insisted we tell building control at the town hall. They then sent me an ethnic monitoring form. I told them my ethnicity is no concern of theirs but if they must know, the chimney was black. Ethnic monitoring and leaflets in community languages are a waste of tax payers money.I am sick of this over-regulating nanny state.

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Blogger Celal Birader said...


Too right.

We need to have a Libertarian party here in the UK.


2:02 pm  
Blogger Fenella said...

Don't get me started on this one.
BTW G I really like your bathroom as is. However understand modern times too. Those tiles are beautiful. Must admit a extractor fan is useful.
Giggle-could yo imagine if you had to fill out an ethnic monitoring form of all your house guests?!!!

11:20 pm  
Blogger John said...

Come on, Graham, how about a bit of acknowledgement of the danger of demolishing part of the integral structure of a house without referring to the inspectors? I'm sure that your builder wouldn't have done something stupid because the ones that follow the building regulations seldom do! It's when the cowboys join in with your anti-nanny state protest that the house falls down. Nanny state does well when it improves health and safety and linking up its lawful responsibilities with its occasional nonsenses is unfair.

Every day you make use of the benefits brought to you by nanny state and every day you grumble about things you don't like about it, fair enough, but I would like for you to highlight your condemnation of over-regulation with praise for good regulation.
I remain, Sir,
Your obedient servant, and
Big Brother/.

12:13 pm  
Blogger Graham Weeks said...

IIRC building regs never inspected only monitored ethnicity. I deny that they are needed anyway. If you hire a builder it is your responsibility to see he is competent not the town hall's. Things they should enforce are not done despite complaints. I still have a neighbour conducting car repair business at his home contra to planning regs which regs I should see some benefit from, if enforced. We are overgoverned so over-taxed. Get us out of the EU and London Authority and see tax reduced say I. We haver far too many civil servants promoting unecessary regulation and a dependency culture.The state is a modern idol, a god on whom people want to depend.

12:47 pm  

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