Saturday, February 24, 2007

My tram petition

1327 votes and less than a month to go. Vote now PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!

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Blogger John said...

Graham, this is off the wall to my mind. What can possibly be wrong with a tram service? I cannot for the life of me understand why any one, I mean anyone, would want to sign your petition but that fades into insignificance at my astonishment that you should have written it. I admit to being extremely naive about so many things (Like, I can't imagine why we as a nation don't welcome refugees with open arms) so I can see that you must have a reason that also escapes me. What really bothers me is that you don't seem to think that we need an explanation. I really don't get it. How can you possibly think that any significant proportion of people could be so aware of the grounds for your objection that you don't have to give any explanation? What planet am I living on?

6:25 pm  
Blogger Graham Weeks said...

John you are obviously unfamiliar with Ealing. Trams are fine if you have somewhere to put them. Ealing has a road that cannot take cars and trams together.Properties will have to be demolished and a major railway bridge re-built. Traffic displacement wil be horrendous. The public consultation rejected the tram but Livingstone persists with his folly. The people of Ealing know why the tram is a foolish idea. If you had read my previous post you would know I had already explained my reasoning.

11:28 pm  
Blogger John said...

Sorry, Graham,
I'm still getting the hang of these 'labels' links. They do connect up your posts on Ealing, of course, and I wouldn't have had to search so far back if I'd only made use of them.
I'm now bothered by my overlooking of the the carefully stated grounds of your objections but — stubbornly begging to disagree still that trams in Ealing will be a bad idea — I'm totally bothered that I can't contrive a smart-Alec answer that would make opposition to trams in Ealing the reason for my deficiencies, though I could find it in my heart to get paranoid about it. If you get trams in Ealing I shall endeavour to visit there.
Yours, not nearly contritely enough,

8:43 am  
Blogger Graham Weeks said...

The labels are a help when you get the hang of them. You will be welcomed in Ealing, but not I trust to see Ken's folly which we hope will not happen. I am sure no other mayor will afflict us this way as all the councils oppose it. I have this hope that London voters will see the light and not make the mistake of voting Ken a third term. He could always get a job driving trams in Croydon.

9:15 am  

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