Friday, June 14, 2019

Rutherford Revised (172)

172. To John Clark     From Aberdeen 

(Thought to be an Anwoth parishioner)

Loving brother, - Hold fast to Christ without wavering and contend for the faith for it is not east to get or keep Christ. The lazy professor puts heaven next door and thinks he can fly up to heaven on his bed, and in a dream at night; but truly that is not the easy thing that most men believe. Though Christ was the legitimate heir, He sweated to win the city. It is Christianity, my Heart, to be sincere, straightforwardly honest, and upright in heart before God, and to live and serve God, though there was no-one else in all the world to see you. See that any little grace you have be sound and true.
   You will see the difference between you and a reprobate if you have these marks:-
1. If you prove Christ and His truth so you will sell all and but Him and His truth and suffer for it.
2. If the love of Christ keeps you back from sinning more than the law or fear of hell.
3. If you are humble and deny your own will, wit, credit, ease , honour , the world and the vanity and glory of it,.
4. Your profession must not be barren and without good works.
5. In all things you must aim at God's honour; you must eat, drink, sleep, buy, sell, sit, stand, speak, pray, read and hear the word, with the purpose in your heart that God be honoured.
6. You must show yourself to be an enemy of sin, and rebuke the works of darkness, such as drunkenness, swearing and lying, though others hate you for doing so.
7. Keep in mind the truth of God which you heard me teach, and have nothing to do with the corruptions and new ways which have entered the house of God.
8. Be conscientious in your calling, in covenants, in buying and selling.
9. Be regular in daily prayer; commit all your ways and acts to God, by prayer, petitions and thanksgiving; and disregard mockery, for Christ Jesus was mocked before you.
   Persuade yourself that this is the way of comfort and peace for which I now suffer. I dare to do to death nd eternity with it, though men may possibly see another way. Remember me in your prayers, and the state of this oppressed church. Grace be with you.
   Your soul's well wisher,  S.R

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