Saturday, June 22, 2019

Diary w/e Jun 22nd

Sun 16 Jun
Sam Tunicliffe, Cambridge Ph.D student researching the Puritans spoke at adult Sunday School on Thomas Boston's 20 rules for living, his 1662 Great Ejection sermon. Paul Levy on the Transfiguration in the morning and in the evening, the shield of faith. Much for fathers day at the Litlles.

Mon 17th
To High Wycombe for a pastoral visit and to speak at a prayer meeting of those engaged in mission to Muslims.

Tues 18th
A spiritual feast at IPC.s catalyst conference. 200+ there. Andrew Randall and Sinclair Ferguson outstanding. James Buchanan, pastor from Loss staying with us.

Wed 19th
I was rather dopey so dis not find such hellcat Catalyst as yesterday though Andrew Randall was excellent. I missed hearing Sinclair as Katy and I went to the annual U3A tea at the Ealing Golf Club. At 10:30 pm our guest from Paris arrived. Sami is a reformed pastor there.

Thu 20th
Another excellent day at Catalyst. Great ministry. James left us and Smiling is staying overnight again.

Fri 21st
British Presbytery of IPC meeting at our church.

Sat 22nd
Weeks and Wells family reunion at Runnymede. 3 generations. 26 of us in all.

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