Sunday, June 02, 2019

Rutherford Revised (156)

156. To Patrick Carsen      From Aberdeen 14 March 1637

( Problcly the son of John Carsen, letter 127)

Dear and loving friend, - Now that I have the opportunity of a carrier for this letter, I encourage you to give your youthful love to Christ; and now while your sun is high and you are young, seek the Lord and His face. Outside of heaven there is nothing so necessary for you as Christ. And you must know that your days will end and the night of death will call you from the pleasures of this life; and the sentence of death is for ever - as long as God lives! Usually youth is a prepared and ready servant for running Satan's errands; for it is a nest for lust, cursing, drunkenness, blaspheming God, lying , pride and vanity. Of, that you had such a heart to fear the Lord and dedicate your soul and body to His service.! When the time comes for your eyelids to close, and your face grow pale, and legs and arms tremble, and your breath goes cold, and your poor soul looks down on the house of clay so it is set free; then a good conscience and your Lord's favour will be worth all the world's glory. Seek it as your reward and crown.
   Grace be with you.
      Your in his sweet Lord Jesus, S.R.

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