Sunday, June 30, 2019

Diary w/e Jun 29th

Sun 23rd

James Bryner Chu from Manila, Philippines, preached an excellent sermon on Jesus fulfilling not abolishing the law. We were invited out for lunch which I combined with a pastoral visit for the hosting family. A lovely meal and most encouraging pastoral conversation. At Harmonsworth I had detainees from Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Iran and Bolivia. I preached on Ps 52.

Mon 24th

One rather difficult pastoral visit.

Wed 26th

Our house group's host's wife went into labour so houegroup on Amos 6 was at our house but only three of us.

Thu 27th

 Nine of us at early morning elders prayer meeting. Ealing Lunchtime talks, Paul Levy on Ps 95 and i was the only one there who knew its Latin title. Then the usual pastoral visit with a fellow elder.

Fri 28th

IPC elders, deacons, church workers and their families ate together at the bikers' rendezvous, the Ace Cafe.

Sat 29th

On duty at the Evangelical Library.

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