Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sura 28 The narration

88 verses. Pharaoh slew sons of a small group. Told mother of Moses to cast him in the river. Wife of Pharaoh rescued and adopted him. Sent Moses sister to get the baby suckled by his mother. Full age Moses found one of his religion and a foe fighting. The one of Moses' religion appealed for help. Moses hit the other with his fist making an end of him. Asked God's forgiveness but next morning, same man had anther fight and when Moses would intervene the enemy asked if Moses would kill him like the man yesterday, would he become a powerful violent man. A man came and told Moses that the chiefs would slay him so Moses went to Midian.  Watered women's flocks  One woman's father offered employment and his daughter for a wife if Moses served eight years. Leaving with his family, Moses saw a burning firebrand. God spoke as Lord of the Worlds telling Moses to throw down his rod. Snake not to be feared says God. Moses hand white. Two signs to Pharoah. Feared he would be punished for murder and asked for Aaron as spokesman. Pharaoh called one Haman to build him a palace to mount up to the God of Moses who Pharaoh considered a liar. But God threw Pharaoh and his hosts into the sea. Revealed a book to Moses. Korah, proud in the life of this world, was swallowed up by the earth, his family too.

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