Saturday, April 08, 2017

Quran sura 12 Joseph

111 verses. Joseph saw vision of eleven stars, sun and moon bowing down to him. Father said not to tell brothers lest they plot.  God would teach Joseph interpretations of stories and events as he did to Jacob, Abraham and Isaac. Brothers envious. Wanted to kill Joseph but one said to put him in a well to be picked up by a caravan. Took Joseph from Jacob saying they would protect him when the plan was to be rid of him. Then came to Jacob weeping. Said wolf took him. Sold him to a caravan. Bought in Egypt by a master who would adopt him as son. Wife sought to seduce Joseph who fled. The fact his shirt was torn at the back witnessed he had fled from her but master recognising this said it was a snare from women and she should ask Joseph's forgiveness. Potiphar called Aziz. Wife called a feast of female friends and brought out Joseph. She said Joseph resisted her. She was guilty but if he would not be seduced he would be imprisoned. He preferred prison to fornication. In prison one man dreamed of pressing wine, another of carrying bread which birds took. Joseph told the meanings of the dreams. Satan made the one who was saved to forget and not speak up for Joseph. Pharaoh has dream of seven lean and fat cattle and fat and dry corn. Joseph was remembered by his companion and called to interpret. Seven years abundance, seven of famine to come. Pharaoh called the women who tried to seduce Joseph. Aziz's wife confessed. Joseph said he would supervise the storehouses. Brothers came not recognising Joseph. He said they must bring their half brother to him in order to receive corn. Found their money returned. Jacob required an oath that they bring their brother back. Joseph made himself known to his brother but not to the rest. Hid cup in Benjamin's sack and said he must stay in Egypt. Sends brothers back. Jacob tells them to go again and ask about Joseph. He reveals himself. Called family to Egypt.

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