Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sura 27 The ants

93 verses. Moses saw a fire and heard voice telling him to throw his rod. Told not to fear snake for he was an apostle. Then white hand. Nine signs to show Pharaoh and his people. Signs rejected. Gave knowledge to David and Solomon. Jinns , men and birds kept in order before Solomon. Ants told by one to get in their habitations lest Solomon tread on them. Mustered birds and asked why no hoopoe. It said it had come from Saba, where a queen rules the Sabeans. Sun worshippers. Solomon sent her a letter. She sent a gift.  Solomon asked his men to bring the queen's throne before she visited. She saw the throne and submitted to God. Thought the palace like a lake of water then paved with glass. Sent Salih (Jethro?) to Thamud. They became two quarrelling factions. Nine men plotted to destroy him but God destroyed them. Lot, apostle, reproached his people for homosexuality. They would drive out Lot and family. God saved them except for Lot's wife who lagged behind. Rained down brimstone.

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