Saturday, April 08, 2017

Diary 2 to 8 April 17

Sun 2nd
Sunday, my computer Sabbath. Adult Sunday School, Matt on Stuart Church history. He surprised me with an address for John Owen's Ealing house. He wrote latter words there and died there too. Paul preached Is 57. I was too dopey from poor sleep pattenrs. Asleep in front of TV later too but managed the boat race and Antiques Road Show.

Mon 3rd
Fire Brigade from Wembley came on a home safety visit and installed free smoke detectors.This is a service free to all in London.

Tues 4th
Went to see Leeds s United at Brentford.I was astonished how poor the ground is with next to no hand rails when climbing to your seat. Nor is it all seater it seems. I left half time and missed nothing. Leeds were losing 2-0. The other reason for me leaving was I am still not 100% after my surgery.The ladies had told me not to come. 
Debbie declined a free ticket so I was on my own against advice.
Wed 5th
Excellent International Presbyteriani Church Ealing monthly prayer meeting last night. Or tendered builders have led us down so we are going out to tender again. For this, on 26th we will have a day of prayer, fasting and giving. Previous times of prayer and fasting have been a real blessing.
Thur 6th
U3A current affairs on Korea this morning. afternoon appointment ar Northwick Park urology OPD. Nearly an hour's wait. Then prescribed tests on the bladder at Central Middlesex followed by injections into the badder at Northwick Park.
Free at the point of need does not apply to parking. We estimate that in my 13 days at Northwick Park Katy paid well over £100 for parking. Even employees pay. 

Fri 7th
One of the most stupidly frustrating things on the web is completing a form then being told you have missed an answer so you must go back. Back you go and all you have filled in has dissappeared. So, Ship of Fools, your site is aptly named and I refuse to waste time filling in a lot of seemingly irrelevant questions once again.

Sat 8th
My INR measure of blood clotting on target so tomorrow will be the last day Katy has to inject me. Tablets now on. This afternoon we have two properties to visit. Our present 0% commission offer form Foxtons finishes within two weeks so we will contact three local firms for valuation and the best deal. So far no builders have visited and the council still have to approve our plans.

Reading one chapter a day in the Quran it has taken until sura 12 to get anything like a biblical narrative. Joseph.

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