Monday, April 03, 2017

Quran sura 7 The Heights

206 verses,. Satan lies in wait for those on the Straight Path. Adam in the garden, forbidden one tree, tempted by Satan. Deceived them. Covered their shame. Ask forgiveness. Resist temptation. God gave raiment of righteousness. Those who reject the Signs will not enter heaven until a camel can pass through the eye of a needle.  Creation was six days. Noah sent, rejected, ark, flood. Prophet Hud is possibly Eber, great grandson of Shem who refused to help build Babel so whose language was not confused but remained as before, Hebrew,  according to Abu Isa a 8th century Jewish prophet. Hud rejected. Salih sent. Means pious. Rejected. Lot sent and saved from destruction, except his wife. She-aib sent, means who shows right path. Midianate. Jethro? Pharaoh demanded a sign. Moses' rod became a snake and his hand leprous. Egyptian sorcerers' rods became snakes but swallowed up by Moses snake. Sorcerers believed in God of Moses and Aaron but Pharaoh did not. He said to kill Israelite male babies. Drought, famine, death, locusts, lice, frogs, and blood. Took Israel across the sea. Asked for idols. Moses, forty nights on the mountain could not see God, only some of his glory. Tablets of law. Found idols in camp. Seized Aaron by the hair. Moses asks forgiveness and chooses 70 elders. By sea, fish came to them only on Sabbath.

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