Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sura 26 The poets

227 VERSES. The Lord is exalted in might, most merciful. Called Moses to go the people of Pharaoh. Go with Aaron. You will not be killed for your previous crime. Send Israel out. Pharaoh accused Moses of his crime. Fled for he feared judgement Now the Lord has made him an apostle Pharaoh says he is mad and if he denies Pharoah's divinity he will be imprisoned.  Moses showed miracle of the rod and white hand. All sorcerers called but Moses'  rod ate up theirs. The said they now believed in the Lord of the Worlds, Lord of Moses and Aaron. Pharaoh threaten them with cross amputation and crucifixion but they stood firm. Moses led Israel out by night and Pharoah's army pursued. Moses parted the sea and drowned the Egyptians. Abraham spoke against his father's lifeless idols. People of Noah rejected the apostles. Delivered him and all creatures in the ark. Unbelievers drowned. Thamud people rejected Salih the apostle, perhaps  Shelakh the descendant of Noah. They were judged for ham-stringing a forbidden she camel. Lot delivered and brimstone rained down. The Companions of the Wood rejected Shuayb who is considered by many to be synonymous with the Biblical figure of Jethro.  

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