Monday, May 29, 2017

Thoughts on Ramadan

The Muslim month of fasting started yesterday. I have pondered sharing some thoughts and am going ahead despite the anticipated flack.
I have seen one Christian friend engaged in Muslim work wishing his Muslim friends well at this time. I have in the past heard of Christians joining the fast in solidarity. I can do neither for my view is a negative one.
First this is part of a religion of works  hoping to be gaining favour with God through this month of self denial.
Second, fasting during daylight and stuffing yourself during the hours of darkness is unhealthy.
Thirdly, more food is consumed this month than other times.
Lastly it is the most antisocial and uneconomic of months. People become bad tempered and work suffers. I have lived in a Muslim culture and observed this. There is pressure on non-muslims to conform too at least outwardly.
One final observation. Islam is a religion of the Middle East and little seasonal variation in daylight hours. It must be a particular trial to observe the fast in the northern hemisphere near midsummer when daylight is approaching 15 hours daily. I understand that those living in the arctic circle have special dispensation to follow the daylight hours of Mecca.
My prayers are with my Christian friends who see this month as a special opportunity to witness to Muslims.l

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