Friday, May 26, 2017

Sura107 Neighbourly needs, 108 Abundance, 109 Those who reject faith, 110 Help, 111 The father of flame, 112 Purity, 113 The dawn, 114 Mankind,

7 verses. Do you see the one who denies judgement? He repulses the orphan.
3 verses. We have granted you the fount of abundance so turn to your Lord in prayer and sacrifice.
6 verses. Say to those that reject faith I do not worship that which you worship.
3 verses. When the help of God comes and victory celebrate the praises of your Lord.
5 verses. Perish the hands of the father of flame. He will burn soon in a fire of blazing flame.
4 verses. He is God the one and only, eternal, absolute, begetting not.
5 verses. I seek refuge with the Lord odf the dawn from the mischief of created things.
5 verses. I seek refuge with the Lord cherisher of mankind

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