Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Sura 35 The Angels, 36 Abbreviated letters, 37 Those ranged in ranks

45 verses God made the angels messengers with wings.
36 - 83 verses. You are one of the apostles on a straight way.
37 -  182 verses. Sincere servants of God, fruits in gardens of felicity. A cup free from headiness. Chaste women.Noah we delivered with his people from the great calamity. Abraham reproved his father for false gods. Asked for a son. God commanded sacrifice of son. Ransomed him with momentous sacrifice. Gave him Isaac. Delivered Moses and Aaron from their great calamity. Elijah questioned the worship of Baal. Lot delivered. Jonah swallowed by big fish. Repented and cast forth on shore. Caused gourd to grow over him. Sent to 100,00 or more who repented.

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