Monday, February 06, 2017

Weeks' news w/e 4 Feb 2017

I posted last week that I was spending too much time on social media so will cut back on Facebook. No more instant news updates unless for emergency prayer.  I hope each week to look back on the past and where needed inform for prayer in the week ahead.

I will start with the latter. At this moment I am in an enforced fast until early this afternoon when I will be in hospital for a diagnostic procedure, hopefully to rule out colon cancer. The letter I have received, cheerfully states that only 10% of those suspected of the disease actually will have it but I reckon my percentage is higher for my maternal grandfather died of if @62 and my father was successfully treated for it when he was younger than me. But on the gloomy side I have in the past year had news of four friends being operated on for colon cancer. But I am not unduly concerned.

House hunting continues apace. We view four prospective places and one buyer came to us. No offers so far. I have a bullet list of ten requirements we are seeking. Nothing has matched up so far so we are simultaneously pursuing the alternative option, alterations to house and garden. The former involves employing an architect to draw up a plan for an en suite downstairs bathroom and toilet, an extension of the kitchen and main lounge and removal of one chimney breast.It will require planning permission but when we have paid for plans and permission it will add value to this property even were we to move and not modify. It is all ifs and ands so a firm belief in the providence of God is reassuring. Debbie is tackling garden design.

Our University of the Third Age (U3A) monthly groups our house had a lively discussion of Brexit. Strong views expressed with civility. Next mont - Trump.

Our pastor asked for visitors for a 97 year old man from Ireland confined to his bed in a local nursing home. It was a fascinating visit as he has been a circus performer on high wire, trapeze and horseback. We lamented the fact that you now have to go to Africa to see a traditional circus with animal acts. James had called our pastor to visit as his background is Presbyterian and that is the funeral he wishes with the singing of, "Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye'. Well, that is much better than the popular national anthem hell, 'I did it my way'. I pray James finds salvation so he will need no luck when we say the final faewell.

I will not bore you with details to two medical appointments this week. Far more significant was meeting with my fellow church elders to sign up as trustees of our church charity status so we can procede with the building project's £950,000 borrowing.

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