Friday, February 03, 2017

Showing self control on social media

After TV watching, social media are the most time consuming pastimes. I confess to more time on the latter than the former, especially Facebook.
   So I made a New Year Resolution, unusual for me to resolve at all, but so far, one month in,  I have had a complete computer sabbath on Sundays except for emails of necessity or mercy.
   Then Facebook. So far I have cut right back on personal news updates. I think I will restrict these to a weekly digest unless there is an urgent need for prayer.
   News items, things that catch my eye, humour to pass on, these I will continue to do each day or several times a day. But when friends or others respond to these I am going to wait three days before responding. That way friends who want to give a positive contribution can chip  in and hopefully refute those friends who are often at odds with my views. I will let friends take the shots fired at me then three days later start my own return fire perhaps.  News etc items friends post my elicit one response from me but a second response if any, will be three days later.
   OK. Now to try out my self discipline.

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