Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrome - and Brexit DS too.

This first quote is from a friend.
'Trump Derangement Syndrome. It sounds like a joke, but it's symptoms are everywhere. Once someone knows that he is dealing with a person who supports Trump in any, way, shape or form, he concludes that the person with whom he is dealing with is mentally deficient, dangerous, a kook and must be refuted in the most vigorous manner possible.So, if you once indicated that you thought Trump makes a good point about illegal immigration and then make a comment that it was cold last night, the person with Trump Derangement Syndrome is obligated to contradict you. He will explain that it's February and it really wasn't that cold due to global warming which Trump is 'responsible for'
I have friends with TDS even in England. Any comment of mine which does not judge Trump adversely, any suggestion one should not rush to judgement and I stand accused of abdicating any moral consideration. But TDS is a minor consideration here in UK. More relevant is Brexit Derangement Syndrome BDS. With my openly declared vote for Brexit I am labelled among those who are less well educated, old, nationalistic and xenophobic. The BDS sufferer states he cannot understand the rationale of  theBrexit supporter. .I have on this blog stated my reasons for Brexit and refutes the above slanders. Is there a cure for BDS A prospering UK separated from the EU should do it I hope. After all, most of those with BDS are not old enough to have known a UK not tied to the EU. Perhaps when they grow up minds will be changed.
Have now found more on TDS and BDS too


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