Sunday, December 28, 2014

From an Iraqi brother in Baghdad

For the hopeless security situation especially against the Christians, I have started to think seriously about immigration abroad. The cost will be very high though. Even in Baghdad there are gangs exploiting this situation by kidnaping and extorting Christians and ask for huge ransoms. The fanatic religious teachers all over the world who increasingly agitate people against Christianity and the western world. It is getting harder to live in such societies. Till now IS is near Baghdad but its agents here do their best to kill people through bombing attacks. The political situation and the unprecedented corruption in the Iraqi state have helped IS a lot. I greatly thank God for delivering my mother, my brother and his family from the hands of IS. Few years ago, my brother left Baghdad for a peaceful suburb with a major Christian community near Mosel in the north of Iraq for being threatened in his neighborhood in Baghdad. Please pray warmly for them and for whole Christians in Iraq and Syria who live in the regions captured by IS.   

Please pray for Iraq that the Almighty God may save the innocent people in it from this catastrophe and evildoers. 

28 Dec 2014

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