Friday, January 02, 2015

News of the last two weeks in Nigeria

18/12 Terrorists overran Gumsuri in Damboa LGC of Borno (not far south of Molai).  Petrol bombs were thrown and 30 people were killed.  It was reported that 180 women and children were abducted.
18/12 Nigerian Army court martial have sentenced 54 soldiers to death for desertion (any further outcome not known )  Soldiers complain of poor inferior equipment.
18/12  People are returning to Mubi town but face great destruction of property.  Only one church, the Lutheran, remains.
22/12  A bomb blast in Bauchi Central Market at a place busy with women. Many people were reported to have been killed or injured.
22/12  A bomb blast in Dukku motor park in Gombe killed several and injured 40 others.
26/12  Fulani attacked people at Nbal village of Bogoro in Bauchi State.  2 were killed and 2 injured
27/12 BH attacked Christians at a border village in Cameroon.  BBC also reported a major attack on a Cameroonian  army base near the border, with a number of terrorists killed and some soldiers.  The Cameroonian airforce used planes to hit the terrorists.
27/12  Gunmen attacked Christians celebrating at a shop in a popular square in Ancha District between Akwanga and Nasarawa towns.  10 were killed and 4 others injured. 
30 -31/12  Fulani attacked Kantoma near Mangu Plateau state.  One man was beheaded and another shot.  Gunshots could be heard all over the town.
31/12  A bomb on a commuter bus blew up travelling from Potiskum to Gombe at a military check point. 13 people were reported killed.
31/12 Gunmen shot and killed two German engineers on 27/12 in Abuja riding their bikes.  They were working for Julius Berger.   In October another German was killed in similar circumstances but in Ogun State.
31/12 Around 8pm Bh gunmen gained entrance into a mliitary barracks in Gombe, throwing bombs .  Casualties not yet known.
1/1/15  Kantoma near Mangu is still under threat of further Fulani attacks  Worshipers cut short their New Year services.  Sources said there were about a 1000 Fulani in the area all well armed.  Resident Faulani appealed to their nomadic cousins for calm but there was no sign of their withdrawal.

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