Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Recent news from Nigeria

On 21/11 there was violence on the people of Arikya Soni and Sakon Lafia East LGA in Nasarawa St, reported as Fulani and local Muslims the attackers.

27/11 a bomb went off in the motor park outside Mubi in Adamawa when 5 military were killed.  There have been repeated attacks in an attempt by BH to re-take Mubi.

Over the past few days there has been a major struggle between the vigilante/military and the BH at Lassa in Adamawa.  On 29/11, the BH attacked but at first they were repelled by civil defence but then a larger group came from opposite direction and overwhelmed them. 2 EYN churches, including the main one that was started in 1923 have been destroyed.  The Lassa youth put up a big fight, but some were killed, the shopping centre and a guest house destroyed, the GGSS staff quarters burnt.  By midday the youth had regained control with many BH members killed.  
Today, 3/11 though news came that men in military uniform came in trucks, the vigilante were asked to join them so they did, but then outside town about 40 were all massacred.  The attackers then took the town and raised their flag.
Also today a female suicide bomber was apprehended in Maiduguri.  When interrogated she said over 50 of them have been deployed by BH to kill a hundred thousand people this month.  A tightened security is called for throughout Nigeria.

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