Monday, July 14, 2014

On the C of E and bishops.

This is my reply to a good friend rejoicing in today's vote for women bishops. Well this description of the mixed multitude that is the C of E confirms why I could never be an Anglican. This is a clear example of the culture shaping the church rather than the proper way round, not being conformed to the world. How long before they have homosexual bishops? Of course as a Presbyterian I do not believe in any sex in an order of government higher than elders. Not my monkey, not my nuts.

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Fenella Lemonsky said...

I know you have strong traditional beliefs Graham. That is what makes life rosier- if we all believed the same thing life would be dull! It reminds me of the orthodox Jews who are not ok with how reform Judaism has moved on ie Jewish ministers.
I met a Canon recently. An amazing woman. Far more in touch with womens issues in traditional Catholic circles than her male counterparts.