Tuesday, July 29, 2014

News first hand from Nigeria

A new forest has been found, stretching from Bauchi up to Jigawa and the Niger border. Some of the B/H
leaders have been caught and lots of ammunition found. There are still lots of B/H in the other forest near GWOZA.

The Chibok girls, who managed to escape, met with President Jonathan along with the parents of those kidnapped. Please don’t think nothing is being done. With the help of overseas intelligence, quite a number of B/H leaders have been caught. How to get the girls is the big question. If the army attack then the B/H will kill the girls. Pray that God will work a miracle.

Many people are still on the Ngoshe Glavda hills. The B/H are still in places nearby and daily the soldiers visit the plains but we often wonder when the B/H will attack at night. The older folks are still in their homes and refused to go up the hills. Many did manage to leave the hills and are in other areas.

Many went to Maiduguri but are struggling to find food and also we hear B/H plan to attack Maiduguri again.Pulka, at the beginning of the Gwoza hills, was attacked but the soldiers managed to kill quite a few of the terrorists but a few Christians were killed. The Pastor, Rev B (one of the Pastors that a Church in Sheffield kindly sent money to train him in Gindiri Pastors College) has had to leave his village and is now up on the hills with the Ngoshe Glavda people.Sadly one of the women was killed and she was nursing her sick husband.

A bridge between Maiduguri and Gomberu Ngala (on the way to Lake Chad) was blown up. This is the only road between the 2 places.

Coming to the south of Borno State, Hawal Local Gov has had attacks and many killed and villages near Chibok lost much property and 500 people fled to the bush. Garkida a nearby town was also attacked. The problem is that the terrorists come in such great numbers that the soldiers can’t contain them.The area the soldiers have to cover is perhaps the size of England, so by the time other soldiers arrive the B/H have gone. The airforce are following them and hopefully will find them. I will try and scan a map of Nigeria and indicate the areas being affected, this might help you understand the different town names I keep using.

Kano has suddenly come under attack with bombs, and a former head of state Buhari and a well known Moslem Sheik were attacked but did manage to escape. Another bomb was defused outside a big Mosque.It had been timed to go off during Sallah prayers. PTL for this. If it had gone off Christians would have been blamed.Very sadly teenagers are becoming suicide bombers and 28th 2 young girls blew up places in Kano, killing 5 and injuring 7. We saw the picture of the girls, they just looked like 12 year olds. What next?

The deputy Prime Ministers wife of the Cameroon was kidnapped at a place not far from Ngoshe Glavda over the Cameroon border.

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