Friday, July 04, 2014

Latest news from a friend in Nigeria

22.6 Gwoza BH killed 2 soldiers. 23.6 Kano School Of Hygeine 5 students and 3 civillians killed. 23.6 Kaduna Fulani militants. 19killed Fadan Karshi,13 in 2 other villages.25.6 10 villages attacked at the same time. Folks running for their lives.87 killed 25.6 Bomb blast in Wuse 2 Abuja. About 100 killed. Bomb intended for view centre at time of Football Match (Nigeria) but security was very good so they let the bomb off at a shopping centre Over 20 cars burnt. 25.6 Bomb blast Mubi but no casualities. Some injured. Lagos 3 killed in blast. 26.6 Suicide bomber suspect arrested in Jos University. 26.6 Kwamda, Madagali LGA 3 killed by B/H and women threatened on their farms. There are still many folk on the Ngoshe Glavda hills. Those who fled to Maiduguri are suffering. The Gov sent money for food etc but it never reached the churches and went to other people instead.An organisation arrived with food and some families who had not eaten for 3 days got food but how long will a few measures of grain last 27.6 Bomb blast in Maiduguri killed 8 soldiers at a check point. 30.6. Dalwa has been completely gutted. Kwamda Adamawa State 3 killed and everone fled and houses were burnt. 2 villages near Chibok were attacked and nearly 100 were killed.

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