Friday, October 08, 2010

Thought for the day.

I have previously blogged on the gross imbalance between the religious diversity of this country and the diversity of BBC speakers each morning. Faiths other than Christianity are grossly over represented. The one faith still not represented is the secular, not that it bothers me. But my other beef is with the Christians who do speak. I would change them all except Anne Atkins. I expect no better from the likes of Tom Butler but when one successive mornings I hear two supposed evangelicals give pieces which could have come from any faith or none I am angry. The Bishop of Liverpool and Joel Edwards should be better than this. Talk abut what is distinctively Christian. GRACE is what marks out our one true God. Let's hear it or give us people who can proclaim the gospel.

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Blogger Don said...

Forgiveness for ALL sin, including tomorrow's . . . what a preposterous concept.
And yet, the clear message of New Testament Grace - and the bedrock difference between Christianity and any religion.
WHAT could God have been on God's mind when He thought THIS one up!?
(Could Romans 6:14 give us a clue??!!)

6:08 pm  

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