Thursday, October 07, 2010

Get it right please!

I am told that grammar is no longer taught. Sloppy English abounds. Here are some pet peeves.

1. Jealous where envy is in view. I am jealous of my reputation. I do not envy yours. Jeolousy guards. Envy covets. God is a jealous God. He never envies. That is Satan's work.

2. Fewer mistakes. Less sloppy English. Fewer is for 10 items only in the basket. Fewer things can be counted. Less can be measured. Fewer bottles with less in some.

3. Full. That's it. It is a superlative. A fuller report will not follow. A more detailed one may be expected. Fuller is a cloth worker only.

4. At the end of the day, meaningless cliches are irritating. In fact all the time. Know what I mean? Like glo'al stops. Estuary English abounds. Am I bovvered? Yes I am.

5. Herforsher. The BBC knows where this is. I only know Hertfordshire.



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