Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Conservatives are not the family party

The BBC says,'The government plans to introduce a tax break for married couples before the 2015 election.

The news comes after criticism of the chancellor's plan to axe child benefit for higher rate taxpayers from 2013.

The Tories pledged an annual £150 tax break for basic-rate taxpayers before the election but it had been thought shelved in the coalition agreement.

Treasury sources denied any changes on tax breaks had been made in reaction to the backlash to the child benefit cuts.

Chancellor George Osborne announced on Monday that from 2013 child benefit would be removed from families with at least one parent earning more than about £44,000 a year.

But critics said it would be unfair, because families with two earners, each paid just under the threshold, would still be eligible while those where only one parent works would be hit. '

It was Nigel Lawson who abolished joint taxation of married couples. No more families taxed, only individuals. More forms to fill in and a denial that marriage makes two become one. Now you are better off unmarried and there is no incentive for a wife to stay at home and care for the family.

Stable marriage = stable families = stable society = taxes paid not benefits claimed.
We have secularist politicians who refuse Christian standards. We have endless human rights and few duties. We have inefficiently administered statism. When will someone get a grip?

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