Saturday, May 23, 2009


During my degree we were taught that homeopathy rests on the principle that symptoms can be relieved by taking a drug that mimics them; like cures like. Homeopathic medicines are made by diluting these specifics many thousand fold if not millions. Just at the point when there may be no molecules of the active ingredient left, the homeopath says it becomes a potent medicine.

As far as i am concerned this is nonsense. I will not sell drugs I believe to be of no benefit. The best I can say is they will have no side effects.

However, homeopathic practitioners claim to be wholistic, treating patients not disease. This can only be positive even if their medicines are rubbish.

However many people claim to be helped by homeopathy I remain unconvinced.


Trevor said...

I can understand your skepticism. The point is that Homeopathy is not chemical, it is energy. Much research has shown it to be so but a detailed explanation is beyond me. I liken it to electricity or magnetism. The results are what make homeopaths so excited and so determined. Forget the placebo nonsense. I have seen the effects on babies, cats, dogs, birds, cows, horses and even a peacock. I have felt the effect on myself many times.

I personally believe that it is from God. Some say it is only water. Good. Look at what God can do with water: snow flakes - every one different, ice, mist, steam, fog. We drink it, we swim in it, we bathe in it and cook in it.

Ponder this just for a moment and then say homeopathy is not possible.

Graham Weeks said...

We agree it cannot be chemical. I have a Chinese professor friend who has been studying a sort of unified field view of alternative medicines. He thinks there is in some perhaps an energy beynod present science. My attitude remains, take it if you wish but I cannot recommend it.