Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Something in common

I came across an article on how neck ties rfe banned in Iran as not Islamic. Then I though and realised the only others who seem to ban ties are the Exclusive Brethren. Both groups insist on women covering their heads too. Is there a secret relationship? Are the Brethren really Shi'ites? Will Iranians be blocking up all windows in their mosques? I do believe both groups are led by ayatollahs and the Brethren issue fatwas too.


Anonymous said...

Well i dont think the Exclusive Brethren are Islamic .
But there could possibly be some connection i suppose , they sure have shown themselves to partake of being "bull Shi`iters" in many many instances .

There maybe could also be some connection with their rather strange belief in the need for their believers to keep their "Shi`ite seperate ".Not quite sure where their ayatollahs get that message from from within the bible ??.But what it comes down to is for someone to be a good Exclusive Brethren ready to enter heaven he/she must be sure that his/her Shi`ite flows outward from the abode by totally seperate sewer systems making totally sure the holy Shi`ite does not mix with that of a non Exclusive Brethren member .Should this terrible sin happen they are putting their salvation in jepordy.

Very serrious stuff .Read here for more info.

Graham Weeks said...

That url does not clearly show where this topic is to be found.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Graham im unable to find exactly a url regarding the topic .But im sure you are able to contact the site and ask questions .Its a support group for ex exclusive brethren members .

The exclusive brethren ban many things and members who do not abide by the many rules ,have been treated to excomunication and seperation from family where they will by looked upon and treated as if dead .Many people have not seen family for years ! and some even have had to live out their lives this way and some die without any change in the circumstances .

Many of these rules can be changed by the EB rulers at any stage as they see fit .When rules change members who have been excomunicated and seperated from family for a supposed evil of doing such things in the past .Recieve not even an apoligy ! their supposed evil crime continues to be penalised by the suggestion that some how they were evil in going ahead of the Leader (M.O.G) decisions .

For instance members have in the past been excomunicated for the use of faxes and cellphones .Now these things have become allowable and are used often .

For a long time the eb mentality decided whilst things such as fax machines were evil and they shouldnt own one .In their way of thinking if you brought a fax for a neighbouring business (non eb) and left it with them and just nipped over from time to time to use it .This was somehow deemed to be ok .

In my opinion its all just a load of Shi`ite and rules made by men in power .And by proof of these things above is it not very simple and easy to see ,the main basis of this group revolves around money ? .

When trying to contact the site managers please understand these people might be slow to reply .They are under great pressure at this moment

This is posted on the public members (forums) . Noticeboard ! and under the heading : Peebs.Net Community Press Releases , which is third down from the top .

Whould simple christians be likely to be so very worried about certain things not being talked about ? .How often do we see Christian groups going to the extent of these court cases to suppress imformation ?? .Are not most Christians only to proud to be open about things when keeping in mind that they have nothing to hide ??.

Your thoughts Graham ?

Graham Weeks said...

My paternal grandfather who died in 1935 was one of their elders. You will think that is before tyhey were really bad but the week before he died he took his daughter to the steps of what is now the cathedral in Newport, Gwent and would go no further to give her in marriage. She and her mother who went into the then parish church were excommunicated the week he died. The rest of the family left and went Open except for the one black sheep who was thrown out earlier. he went Anglican and masonic.

I have EB customers sp they are happy to use me as a pharmacist. The huge EB place near our church was recently sold. our church would have bought it if we could but it went in open auction to become a Sikh temple :-(

I find the EB to be cultic in terms of leadership and their view of other disciples of Christ.

Anonymous said...

I have been away for a few days Graham so sorry i have been unable to reply .

I just wish to say as a ex member myself i understand the sadness that excomunication and family seperation brings .

The best i can hope is that the time that has past within the years from when your relations were involved with this group .To now in the present time .Is that hopfully through generations that have come to pass within your family , a new family has grown into existance that is not effected by such nastiness .

My honest best wishes to you and your family ! may love persist and grow .

Graham Weeks said...

I think we are well over it now. The next generations have Anglicans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists and some Open brethren.

Anonymous said...

Yes i think i understand Graham .

And though each of your beliefs may differ a little from time to time .

Love and kindness for each other is not disallowed and does not need to become non existant .