Thursday, April 17, 2008

Selective broadcasting?

"Terrorism is part and parcel of Islam." Not my words but from Muslim preacher Abu Izzadeen, now a convicted terrorist caught on video

This is the BBC url report
"A man who heckled the Home Secretary John Reid during a speech has been convicted of terrorist fundraising and inciting terrorism overseas.
Muslim preacher Abu Izzadeen was among six men convicted of supporting terrorism in London speeches in 2004.
The jury failed to reach a verdict on a charge against Izzadeen of encouraging terrorism. Sentencing is on Friday.
Shah Jalal Hussain, guilty of terrorist fundraising, remains missing after failing to appear at court on 8 April.
The charges related to speeches made at London's Regent's Park mosque on 9 November 2004, as US troops were engaged in a fierce battle in the Iraqi city of Falluja.
'No other weapon'
Clips of the accused men speaking about jihad, Osama bin Laden and prejudice towards Muslims were played to the jury during the three-and-a-half month trial at Kingston Crown Court.
Co-defendant Simon Keeler was convicted of the same two charges as Izzadeen.

Abdul Saleem, 32, and Ibrahim Hassan, 25, were convicted of inciting terrorism overseas but cleared of fundraising for terrorists. Abdul Muhid, 25, was found guilty of fund-raising for terrorists.
The court heard that Izzadeen, of Leytonstone, east London, told his audience at the mosque: "Allah gave mujahideen chance to kill the American."
But the 32-year-old, tried under the name Omar Brooks, argued in court that he and other British Muslims had "no other weapon than our tongue" to fight against what they saw as a "massacre" by British and American forces in the city.
Izzadeen told the jury that asking people to support terrorist organisations was illegal and he had never done so.
The defendants denied all charges against them.
Six convicted
Rajib Khan, 29, was found not guilty of terrorist fundraising, while the jury could not reach a verdict for 28-year-old Omar Zaheer, of Southall, west London.
The jury could not reach a verdict on the charge of inciting terrorism overseas against Mr Khan, of Luton, Bedfordshire, or on a third offence of encouraging terrorism faced by Izzadeen.
A warrant has been issued for the arrest of missing Hussain, 25, of Whitechapel.
The six men are due to be sentenced on Friday.
Izzadeen hit the news in 2006 for heckling as Home Secretary John Reid delivered a speech, in Leytonstone, about targeting potential Muslim extremists. "

Interestingly this quote is not printed nor broadcast on the TV news I watched which showed only some of the video. All the men were part of a group now banned who had a meeting I attended at our local town hall.

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