Sunday, April 06, 2008

'Christian Choice' Mayoral Candidate tells 32,000 about Opposition to Olympics Mega-mosque

" A rally of 32,000 church-goers at the Dockland's Excel Centre this weekend
heard Christian Choice mayoral candidate Alan Craig explain one of his key
priorities for London Mayor and the London Assembly. The Newham councillor
formally started his campaign outside City Hall on Friday lunchtime, before
addressing the Festival of Life event, which went on through the night.

At the prayer rally he focused on his election campaign stance against the
proposed Olympics Mega Mosque in West Ham. Commenting about the
scale of the event, Alan Craig said:

"I was pleased to speak to so many Londoners and explain our reasoned
and reasonable objections to this huge landmark mosque - planned to be
Europe's largest.

"As more Muslim leaders are publicly coming out against the mega-mosque,
I was able to show the massive crowd that this is not a 'Christians against
Muslims' issue but rather a 'moderates against fundamentalists' matter. The
Muslim Education Centre's bold statement of opposition in the national
press on Friday morning dramatically illustrated my point."

The Festival of Life is a bi-annual event organised by the Redeemed
Christian Church of God and supported by over 150 churches in the United
Kingdom. It is now the largest all night non-denominational gathering of
Christians in Europe."

So says the press release. Interesting it is black Christians who an draw the biggest crowds.

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