Thursday, October 05, 2006

Voting Intentions

I am a political animal increasingly disillusioned with party politics. I joined the Conservatives in 1986 to combat the looney Labour party locally promoting homosexual rights. I served them from 1990 to 98 as a local councillor. I resigned from the Consevatives when they gave London members a choice between a serial adulterer and a homosexual for London mayoral candidate. I joined the Christian Peoples Alliance because i believe that there should be a Christian political witness in Christ's name. I found the CPA to be dominated by charismatics and RCs and with most people in it centre-left. It does not oppose the EU which I regard as a fundamental policy in the national interest. However I am sticking with it except when tactical voting may require otherwise. So this may I voted for the one CPA candidate locally and two Conservatives as I wanted Labour and Red Ken stopped from thier insane plan of a tram down the Uxbridge Road. We now have a Conservative local council opposing the wretched tram. In European elections I never voted Conservative as I hate the EU so UKIP tends to get my vote. Nationally I have voted Conservative but no more as of now. Cameron supports homosexual civil partnerships, he says. So no more national election votes for his party from me unless the local party selects a candidate opposed to such a view. Abraham Kuyper said something to the effect that the only difference between liberals and conservatives is 10 years. He never spoke a truer word.

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