Monday, October 09, 2006

Is the Church of England waking up to reality?

I hope this might mark the start of a return to reality and away from dhimmitude. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth promised in her Coronation oaths, to defend the Reformed and Protestant Religion of the Church of England. Both England and Scotland are constiutionally, de jure, Christian countries. Wales and N Ireland do not have established churches, though in terms of church attendance and membership, N Ireland is the most Christian of our four countries. But this de jure status of the Christian faith is never mentioned by the politicians or media and the churches themselves rarely speak of it except critically. It is a Christian heritage that gave us liberty and allowed the pluralism that has developed. Christians should welcome those of other faiths, but not to a one way street of according them status and priveleges which they will never reciprocate to Christians when Christians are the minority.I write this from a place that illustrates this. Kabul has one church building and that is not on Afghan soil but in an embassy compound.

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