Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pharmacy and Mental Health

Wednesday evening i was invited to address a meeting of Barnet Voice for Mental Health on my work as a pharmacist. I looked at the changes I have seen in dispensing psychotropic drugs in the last 43 years. I explained why I'd rather be in counselling than dispensing as drugs only help control symptoms, they do not touch causes of mental problems. I also said that I could not do secular counselling, It has to be wholistic and not rule out the spiritual or moral imperatives as is the fashion today. I did my best to answer questions on the specific drugs my hearers wanted to ask about. I explained why, as a man surrounded by such drugs, i would never take any. Bar tenders should beware lest opportunity leads to alcoholism.

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Danny Haszard said...

Well said,i applaud your blog, mental health consumers are the least capable of self advocacy,my doctors made me take zyprexa for 4 years which was ineffective for my symptoms.

I now have a victims support page against Eli Lilly for it's Zyprexa product causing my diabetes.--Daniel Haszard