Saturday, May 06, 2006

Labour out of control in Ealing

Yes the title is ambiguous.

Thursday I was the first person to vote at the local polling station. One vote for the Christian Peoples Alliance and two for the Conservatives. Why? Well one votes for three local ward candidates. CPA had to my surprise put up one candidate. I was invited to stand for them but decllined for several reasons, a prime one being I wanted the Conservatives back in power as the only hope of stopping Red Ken's fixation on spoilng the narrow Uxbridge Road with trams.

TV coverage started after 11.30. I was watching. The next I knew I was waking up at 1.30 am and few results were in around the nation so I went to bed. Up before 6 am I was ecstatic to find Ealing had gone blue. After 12 years of Labour rule they were out. ''Oh frabjous joy. Calloo, callay!". It was the tram wot dun it. Local M.P. Steve Pound was on the radio this morning complaining about negative campaigning. Stopping the disruption of traffic and the compulsory demolition of buildings is negative? Following the wishes of the majority of people consulted is negative? The cricket season is back and Steve Pound is spinning with the best of them. But he's no Shane Warne and the people of Ealing are not as ignorant as was Mike Gatting. Look out Steve. On this poll your days at Westminster are numbered. New Labour is weighed in the democratic balances and found wanting. Tony's kingdom may be divided and given to The Chameleon.


organiclemon said...

I am as blue as it comes and also thought a few prayers had been answered however do watch the social and welfare services budget allocation take a pruning.
Barnet is a prime example.

Vallarta said...

I'm a bit green :P

by the way..
does anyone know how to contact ovi web development? cause the only thing they have on their site is thir logo! :(