Sunday, May 14, 2006

The blessings of age and the curse of a traitor.

Yesterday i got my Freedom Pass - free travel by public transport all over London except before 9 am on weekdays. In one day I was on four different busus and four trains, more than I have been on for a long time. Tomorow it is a free prescriptions too.

The only judgment of the European Court which I have agreed with was the one making benefits available to men at 60 if they were given to women at that age.. I should like to see the U.K. out of the European convention on Human Rights and all courts which claim sovereignty over U.K. law.

Parliament should never have bowed to alien juridiction. Heath was a traitor. I am afraid H.M. broke her coronation oath when she assented to such provisions. I believe she should have refused to act on the advice of ministers like Heath as it was a breach of what she promised in 1953. paliament had no right to abdicate its own powers in favour of the European courts or Union.

Rule Brittania!

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