Monday, May 01, 2006

Icons of England

A list is being produced. So far we have the following so I intersperse my comments.

Alice In Wonderland
I have never read it but for real English humour it has to be '10o6 and all that'

The Angel of the North
never seen it but too modern for an established icon.

Big Ben
Definitely but remember, this is only the name of the bell not really the clock.

Blackpool Tower
Perhaps but I'd prefer the London Eye.

Brick Lane
I think this is inserted in the interests of muticulturalsim. Sustitute a decent village green.

Of course.

A Cup of Tea
Yes though I rarely partake.

The Domesday Book
More England than English as it was Norman.

Eden Project
Yoo recent.I'd prefer the original.

The FA Cup

Globe Theatre
Shakespeare merits it.

Hadrian's Wall
yes. We need to keep the Scots out of this.

The Hay Wain
Constable if THE English artist.

HMS Victory
Rule Brittania! One in the eye for the Fr,,,,!

Holbein's Henry VIII
Henry, the man who got us out of Europe. Yes.

No because the answer to all the first verse questions is 'No'. better Land of Hope and Glory.

The King James Bible
Amen except here it is The Authorised Version.

Lindisfarne Gospels

Less is more?

Morris Dancing

Notting Hill Carnival
Not English.

The Origin Of Species
Shame! Monkey business.

Pride And Prejudice
Very English but I'd rather have Pilgrim's Progress.

The Pub
With warm Bitter.

Punch and Judy
Unexpurgated please. Iconic male chauvnism.

Queen's Head Stamp
You mean the Penny Black I hope.

The Routemaster Bus
A rtansport of delight but let's be rid of bus lanes.

The Spitfire
One in the eye for the Ge.....!

SS Empire Windrush
On pleae! Will you put in the B.N.P for balance?

St George's Flag
Proud to fly it.

Yes but didn't it come from Wales

Sutton Hoo Helmet
Is it English?

York Minster
Yes but why only York?

Here are a few of my additions.
Statue of Oliver Cromwell, Westminster.
Last Night of the Proms.
Oxford Martyrs' Memorial.
Kings College Chapel.
Yorkshire Pudding with Roast Beef.
John Bull
Fish and Chips
Policeman's Helmet.
Bowler Hat
Old School Tie
Paradise Lost
White Cliffs of Dover
Cliff Richard
Margaret Thatcher
Windsor Castle
The Boat Race
The Grand Natioanl
Coarse Fishing
Fox Hunting
Vintage Bentley

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