Saturday, April 01, 2006

Missing one's father

A review of a book I read a while ago

The Real James Herriot: The Authorized Biography
by Jim Wight

Any man who has lost a beloved father will identify with the sentiments of the author in wanting to pay tribute to the man who has gone. I went to school with the Wight children and knew James and his partner professionally before they were famous. I found Jim's book true to life and very moving.

I was surprised to learn that the famous vet had no professional detachment whatsoever when it came to his own dogs.

But what moved me most was his own perceived inability to express his love to his son. A man may be a brilliant communicator in print yet fail to express himself to his own child.

I am forever indebted to James for bringing my Yorkshire home back to life when I lived thousands of miles away. I am indebted to Jim for a fine biography of a great man. and a reminder to be open emotionally with one's children

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