Saturday, January 21, 2017

The UK media view on the American president -and how I differ.

I find myself at odds today with the UK media over their seemingly 100% critical view of Trump, scornful now and fearful about the future.American Christian friends of mine differ. They may not exactly be Trump fans but regards propects as much better than the Hilary alternative. I willwait and see.

Working backwards, UK media love Obama as the first black president and a liberal giving the USA NHS lite. I, OTOH, would observe he is of mixed race, and for the life of me I cannot see what he did to receive a Nobel peace prize. He has oratorical skills but he will never get the job of a precentor. I refer to his starting up, 'Amazing grace'.

George W Bush maligned by the UK press as a man of little brain, a war monger in Iraq.I saw him as an intelligent man of sincere Christian conviction. But with the benefits of 20:20 hindsight I think his decision to invade Iraq was unwise. Muslims never thank you for intervention their lands. Respect him more than his friend Blair.

Clinton, darling our liberal media.I will always remember him as the man who could not keep his zipper up. I do respect the view of a BBC reporter friend who said Bill was the most impressive politician he had met for his skill in working a crowd.

George H W Bush - I do not recall media reaction here but I thought that if Lady Thatcher had still been in office she would have encouraged him not to stop at the border but to go into Iraq persueing Saddam.

Reagan- UK media view depends on their view of his great friend the Iron Lady.He was looked upon as an actor playing politics, a lightweight.I think he and his friend Lady T made a great partnership and with Gorbachev helped end the evil Soviet empire. They changed our world.

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