Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My autobiography

I have been a member at  since it started in 1969.In 1970 we joined where I was ordained in 1977.We returned to Ealing in 82 and I have been an elder here since 1983. I am their oldest elder among six of us, two of whom are full time elders and two others full time missionaries also. I am Presbyterian by conviction but if you were to see me preaching at the Heathrow Immigration Removal Centre near the airport you would say I am Pentecostal too for worship there is African style and I have a tambourine :-) I was recruited there by the chaplain who is Pentecostal so i must be a presbyterian who gets on well with Pentecostals. 
    Graham Weeks grew up in rural North Yorkshire His family were evangelical Methodists. 
Graham rebelled against the faith in his teens but became a believer when he went up to London University to read pharmacy. After qualifying as a pharmacist he studied theology and mission at All Nations Christian College.In 1969 he married Katy and moved to Ealing for her to study missions. That year they were among the first members of the International Presbyterian Church Ealing which grew from the ministry of Francis Schaeffer's L'Abri Fellowship.
   In 1970 they moved to Vom Christian Hospital, Nigeria with the then Sudan United Mission. After language study Graham was hospital chaplain as well as pharmacist. He was ordained in the Church of Christ in Nigeria and after three years at Vom he served teaching in Bible School , Theological Education by Extension, translation and language teaching. Teaching Hause with a colleague converted from Islam gave him a concern for church planting among Muslims in a country where there are many churches but in 120 years of mission there has only ever been one church planted from Muslim converts.
In 1982 the family returned to Ealing and in 1983 Graham began to serve as one of the elders of International Presbyterian Church. He returned to employment in community pharmacy working various community pharmacies and finishing with 13 years in Finchley. 
    In 1986 Graham became involved in local politics chairing a Parents Action Group opposing Ealing Council promoting the acceptability of homosexuality in schools. 
    From 1990 to 1998 he was an elected councillor on Ealing Council specialising in social services. 
Losing his seat in 1998 and resigning from the Conservative party over its lack of conservatism in the area of sexuality, his free time is now spent serving his church. He has twice served as moderator of the denomination and is concerned to see the gospel taken to Muslims and the suffering church supported in Muslim lands. Where he used to live in Nigeria there is a front line conflict between Muslims and Christians . He preaches regularly to detainees at the Immigration Removal Centre, Heathrow.
    Graham and Katy have four children who love the Lord and six grandchildren.

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