Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Australia Day?

Down under the SydneyMorning Herald will on Saturday reveal the results os a survey asking about changing their national day. The present date commemorates the arrival of the Firs tFleet which established the penal colony at Botany Bay. So many view the day as a colonial relic and not inclusive of the indigenous Australians who were there before the arrival of the British.

Being a man known for my politically correct sensitivities and an English streak of masochism I have a solution to the problem.

 I can understand sensitivities expressed here. After all we Poms do not commemorate the Battle of Hastings or any other invasion. Australia has no national holiday between June 12 and Christmas. So I commend to you 29th August. This combines two Australian sports, cricket and Pom bashing.

The Ashes is a Test cricket series played between England and Australia. The Ashes are regarded as…

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