Friday, July 28, 2017


I have over 2000 Facebook friends may of whom I have not met face to face. AFAIK three have unfriended me and I have unfriended one.

The first unfriend me was a pastor in Las Vegas who did not like my views on gambling.  I am unrepentant but not surprised.

The second was a German doctor practicing in Scotland. IIRC he did not like my observations on WW2 and bomber command. I think it a disgrace that these brave young men received no campaign medal. Post unfriending he objected to my view that EU nationals resident in Scotland should have a vote in the independence referendum. I remain unrepentant and generally friendly to Germany and Germans.

The last one still surprises me. A Scottish journalist whose fine book I have reviewed on Amazon and the son of a famous father. He seemed to have taken the hump over me recounting with approval a political speech by the late I R K Paisley. IMO the most surprising reason to defriend.

Of course there may be others who quietly slipped away unbeknown and not lamented.

So finally the one I defriended. I will debate with those from whom I differ. I even have friends among the fans of Corbyn. But this was an American teetotaller who became uncivil and abusive when I pointed out that alcohol is a gift from God to be received with thanksgiving. It may lead to drunkenness but that is a sin. Alcohol is not sin. Money is not evil. Love of money is evil. Drunkenness is sin. I have rebuked others for incivility and sometimes deleted their posts if obscene or unthinkingly profane.

Still 2581 friends left. BTW no known LGBT or Muslim friends have unfriended me AFAIK. And I do have some active ones. PC objectors will be vicarious.

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