Monday, July 03, 2017

The what ifs of history.

Yesterday we visited St Laurence's Ludlow and saw the place where the heart of Arthur, Prince of Wales was buried in 1502. What if the teenage Arthur had not succumbed to a fatal fever? There would have been no Henry VIII and what then of Reformation. It certainly would not have happened in the strange way it did and English history would have been less colourful without this curate's egg of a king.

This lead me to think what other great what ifs of history came to mind. WW2 has several. What if Hiller had not ordered his forces to stop pushing the BEF into the sea at Dunkirk? What if the sea had not been calm? What is the Luftwaffe had not left off bomming airfields and blitzed London? What if Hitler had not attacked Russia or the Japanese stayed away from Pearl harbour? What if Hiller had been assassinated? What if the atomic bombs had not been dropped? The list goes on and on.

What are your great historical what ifs?

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