Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Christian Militants In Southern Kaduna Threaten Fulani Herdsmen, Give Seven Days Evacuation Notice
Unchristian threats or self defence?
I have submitted this comment and wait to see if it is published.

I fear for the future of Naija. People can only live in peace and security when there is freedom under equitable law, law which is upheld by strong and fair government. Boko Haram and some (not all) among the nomadic Fulani are lawless murderers spreading fear and death. Army and police have failed to protect people from them. So now AKHWAT AKWOP wants to take the law into ts own hands and be as lawless as Boko Haram. My Christian Brothers, this is the way of folly that will lead to hellish conflict. I pray you see the folly of this way and show Christian grace and love for your enemies. This does not mean you submit to their lawlessness. Arm yourselves in self defence if the police and army do not protect you. But return no-one evil for evil. As much as it lies within you live in peace with all.  It is very sad to see so much belligerence from Christians and Muslims posting here. Ubangiji Allah yo kiyaye ku duka.



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