Friday, June 08, 2012

The best film I have seen since The King's Speech

The Iron Lady

I delayed seeing the film until the DVD came out for I had been told that those of us who admire the lady would not be happy to see her portrayed in dementia. Meryl Streep is superb, looking and sounding like the real thing in her prime. I was not dismayed to see a sympathetic portrayal of dementia for I do not think it should be a taboo subject. The way all is done via flashbacks I found irritating and would have been confusing at times if I had not known her history. It all has to be compressed drastically and so I thought the Brighton bombing was given too little time and noted the lady was not portrayed as 'not for turning'. Of all the events portrayed I thought the Belgrano decision was among the best as it presented both sides of the argument. Least sympathetic was what I thought was an over the top portrayal of disrespect for her cabinet during her latter days in office. I am not at all objective about this lady. For me she was our best leader since Churchill and so I will be watching this again.

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